When the wind blows by

When the wind touches my face, I feel alive.
When it blows underneath my skin I can feel the goose bumps coming.
When it makes my hair fly, I can breath life.
When I can feel it - so light - on my lips, I want to kiss it.

It takes my hand and guides me.
It blows behind my back,
it shows me a better place.

The wind always blow by, they say, and never come back.
But I know a wind which came back and stayed.
So I hope this wind will do the same.

Update 12/2-11: It did.

Postat av: Susann


2011-01-20 @ 15:14:44
Postat av: Alexandra

Tack du, Susann :D Hoppas vi ses ikväll... även om det inte verkade så igår.

2011-01-20 @ 15:56:19

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